COIN - Valentine

Just in time for the release of their brand new album Dreamland this Friday (21st Feb), alt-pop trio COIN have shared another glistening, upbeat yet heartbreaking track to wet the appetite.

“No song is more 'Dreamland' than this one. Over the past three years, we all moved to separate corners of the country. To say our writing process shifted would be an understatement. In retrospect, it’s easy to see how time & space would give each of us a new creative voice; a chance to contribute as pieces of a puzzle instead of one collective mouthpiece. “Valentine” is exactly what this album is made of - teamwork, uncertainty, & acceptance.” explains vocalist Chase Lawrence.

Sonically, Valentine is much more upbeat and infectious than previous single Youuu, it’s when the lyrics come into focus that the raw emotion and heartbreak which COIN show more than ever throughout Dreamland hit the listener right in the feelings. Lawrence’s emotion spills over as he muses “You ever love something so much it hurts?” over fast paced synths and a simple yet effective bassline.

Seemingly, COIN have come into their own with these new tracks; promising Dreamland to be a bittersweet treat for any of their many fans.