Conchúr White Announces New EP With Swirling Cut 'Vocation Vacation'

Updated: Mar 4

Photo Credit: Kat Mervyn

Following the release of his debut EP in 2020, Northern Ireland’s Conchúr White has confirmed details of his second EP, ‘Dreamers’ - due later this year.

Today, he shares lead single ‘Vocation Vacation’, a creative and atmospheric musing on the various dilemmas of modern day life. The track rattles with intricate percussion and enthralling, swirling bass lines; making for an incredibly impressive, captivating listen.

Conchúr elaborates: ”Vocation Vacation is many thoughts and feelings thrown together," says Conchúr. "It’s part commentary of influencer culture and the disingenuous image we present (I’m guilty as anyone). It’s also about getting older and feeling insecure about who you are and what you have to offer. There’s a degree of nihilism in the title – ‘Vocation Vacation’ – like life can be summed up into two things – being in work and not being in work. I just hope people can laugh and relate to some of the observations."