Conrad Deadly - Apple Tree

The third release from Conrad Deadly is both atmospheric and of blissful composition.

The single titled Apple Tree is undeniably melodic, in essence, a tranquil lullaby. Conrad’s dreamy vocals are set upon a stripped-back backdrop of pacifying guitar. Despite being decisively simple, this does not make the release any less captivating.

Apple Tree is the perfect love song to aid you and your loved one to wind down. The lyrics paint the perfect imagery of sitting under a blossoming apple tree on an enchanted sunny day. The words cleverly tell a story of an affectionate and heavenly time.

Conrad’s previous two releases have been much more lively and industrious, making it clear that this artist has a definite capability to explore both acoustic and more stimulating music.

In defiance of the fact that Conrad Deadly seemingly has a smaller fanbase at this moment in time, the professionalism shown in his releases proves that he is a force to be reckoned with.

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