Cop Kid announce new EP & share ode to self acceptance 'Gay'

Utah duo Cop Kid have announced details of a brand new five-track EP, 'Greatest Hits Vol. 2' due 30th June via 22Twenty; offering an early taste with the sentimental new single 'Gay'.

An ode to queer love and self-acceptance, the track finds the pair opening up with brutal honesty and offering an intimate glimpse into the struggles of growing up queer in a conservative household. It's a glitchy electro-pop number loaded with bouncy textures, dream-like melodies and the raw emotive vocals of lead singer and songwriter Marny.

Speaking about the track, Marny elaborates: “Growing up in an ultra-conservative, religious bubble with a close family dynamic amplified anything I did or felt that went against the norm, or against the religious and political beliefs that dominated the community. ‘Gay’ is the epitome of the anxiety-driven thought spirals regarding my queerness that have filled my mind from a pretty young age. I used the song to try and paint a portrait of some of the moments I remember feeling more self-aware about my own unhappiness, when I realized I couldn’t find a “reason” for why I was the way that I was. The narrative of a queer person overcoming harmful family and religious dynamics is one that’s been told again and again, but unfortunately it’s still very relevant, especially in places like Utah”