Cousin Kula announce Rhythm Section signing with new psych-pop single 'BabyBack'

Credit: luce + harry

Announcing their addition to the prestigious Rhythm Section roster, Bristol up and comers Cousin Kula capture a simmering, woozy atmosphere on new psych-pop cut 'BabyBack'.

Combining the deep grooves and glistening synths of Cousin Kula's psych roots with the soulful, dazed melodies of alt-pop, 'BabyBack' is the band's bittersweet ode to lost love - as lead singer Elliot Ellison elaborates: “BabyBack is about the ups and downs of a long distance relationship, and how it can wear down until eventually fading into a world of abstraction where really your relationship is all through a phone and not physical, or as tangible as it once was. My favourite line is the first of the pre chorus ‘waiting around, for a change, floating, face down, in a lake of lost love’. This for me sums up the whole tune.”

With a new album due later in 2021 via Rhythm Section, 'BabyBack' offers an exciting glimpse into a bright future for Cousin Kula.