Creeping Jean - Stuck In My Ear

Hailing from Brighton, Creeping Jean deliver modern alternative rock with intensity and ardor, complete with an unmistakable 70’s edge in their newest single, Stuck In My Ear. Succinct harmonies and a nostalgic powerful voice showcase the groups ability to fuse classic with contemporary.

The ensemble have openly dictated that their inspirations come from the likes of cult names such as The Doors along with more modern up-comers like Temples, explaining their want to make a perfect blend of past and present. The chorus is undeniably catchy and filled with such passion that is not as easily come across during this day and age. Although the instruments themselves are not played with mass complexity, it is arguably not needed in a song like this, where a clean-cut vehement performance is much more fitted. Despite the band only having formed in 2018, the professionalism shown in Stuck In My Ear proves that Creeping Jean are worth keeping an eye on.