Crumb Make Long Awaited Return With 'Trophy'

Photo Credit: Third Pupil

We have been waiting for Crumb’s return for around two years now. Notable for their eclectic mix of psychedelia, jazz and rock, the group’s last release was their acclaimed 2019 album ‘Jinx’, leaving us longing for new music for almost two years. This was until last week, when the group dropped their latest single ‘Trophy’, gendering a collected sign of relief from fans everywhere. But as the contents of the track suggests, it was only through taking their time, that gold could be struck. As what emerges from the group’s hiatus is a track that still contains the same lethargic taste the band are known for, but with a newfound emotional depth.

From the opening of the track, the signals of the bands are there. Lead singer’s Lila Ramani vocals are circular, and subtle, repeating vocals over a surreal backing fuelled by bass and soft, constant drumbeats. However, what appears from the haze is newfound emotional depth. The band’s writing has always been beautiful, but in ‘Trophy’, they have a standalone impact. The lyrics detail the necessity of taking your time through the group’s poetic methods, for dreamy, delightful impact. With all these elements melded together, ‘Trophy’ is a stellar release that signals a new age for the band. We can only hope that the distorted daydreams keep coming.