døssi Shares Intricate New Single 'behold'

Tackling the tender subjects of loneliness and grief, Bergen’s døssi has shared her second single of 2021 via the city’s GEMS label; ‘behold’.

The track is the third to be taken from her forthcoming debut EP, an intricate and atmospheric journey into døssi’s own way of grieving. From it’s gently chiming guitars to the swirling layers of døssi’s soft and immersive vocals; the track is a calming few minutes of captivating beauty.

"Grief is lonely; even if someone supports us or tries to comfort us, we still have to get through it on our own," says døssi. "The only thing that helps is usually just allowing yourself to cry. Open the channels and clear your head of thoughts. 'behold' is about enduring that loneliness and about wanting to be well."