Dead Naked Hippies- Curiosity (Dawn)

Thundering guitars and venomous drumbeats are what expect to hear from Leeds-based riot band Dead Naked Hippies. However, in their new single Curiosity (Dawn), the rebellious trio have departed from their usual sound, swapping punk sensibilities for an atmospheric synth soundscape.

The track draws you in from the beginning, littered with grooving hooks and pulsating high hats that feel worlds away from the groups typical work. However, despite the lighter sound of this single, elements of the bands regular thrashing sound still remain. Lead singer Lucy Jowett vocals are hypnotic, full of irresistible mystery as she recites a call to action during the verses, before exploding into a restless outcry as she chants the tracks tagline ‘I can’t get into it!’ repeatedly. The result is a track that feels like the bands future, merging their beloved brooding sound with a newfound synth racket, to create a captivating, calamity-fuelled stomper.