Declan Welsh and The Decadent West drop charismatic new single 'Parisian Friends'

Known for their direct approach and unadulterated sound, Declan Welsh and the Decadent West have returned with their latest single ‘Parisian Friends’, from their much-awaited coming EP. Haling back to riotous nights out and the feeling of letting go completely, the track is an explosion of upbeat indie fever about the feeling of imposter syndrome and being surrounded by the in-crowd. It’s a track designed for a night-out, and the uncontrollable bliss that comes alongside it.

As soon as the track begins, we are pulled right into the action, with charismatic guitar licks and a bouncing bass leading the track straight into overdrive. Welsh’s vocals soon dance atop, dripping in charisma as he spouts tongue and cheek lyrics about the fake friendships and a decadent, if false lifestyle.

“Parisian Friends’ is a song about being surrounded by cool people and feeling like you might not match up. It’s a fun, tongue-in-cheek tune that’s meant to be played live and jumped around to,” said Declan Welsh, the bands’ frontman. “The French is deliberately ham-fisted as it’s about trying to superficially present yourself as one thing, when you know that’s not who you really are." The release is infectious with it’s indie-fulled charm, and serves as a reminder to hold onto the wildness of live music, as drunken nights out return.