DECO - Brakes On

Nottingham natives DECO are back with another slice of delicious 80s-inspired indie pop. Brakes On is just over three minutes of solid grooving. Fresh from a stellar EP earlier this year, the band are rejuvenated and better than ever on the new track.

DECO artfully mix velvety vocals with the distinctive air of George Michael and a more modern touch instrumentally – there’s elements of MGMT and their contemporaries underlying their sound. Of course, it’s extremely heavy on the synth, which is perhaps the most delicious part. The culmination of these different elements makes the track absolutely certified to be stuck in your head for the foreseeable – it’s almost carnivalesque, an exercise in flashing neon lights.

Pop, in recent years, has distorted somewhat, but Brakes On harks back to the golden age of pop. Transformative and nostalgic, it modernises the sounds we know and love whilst never leaving behind that 80s essence.