DENIO share enticing new synth-pop single 'Sorry'

Quietly churning consistently high quality indie-pop out of their Liverpool home, DENIO's latest effort - 'Sorry' feels like the sound of a band deserving of a big break.

Somewhat of a departure from previous releases, 'Sorry' comes with the sense of true growth from the four-piece. Slowing things right down from their high paced, jangle-pop past, 2021 finds DENIO subtly experimenting with new influences and techniques; elevating their songwriting into something which while still very much their own, takes DENIO out of the bedroom-pop masses and places them amongst the thriving capabilities of the likes of fellow Liverpool artists Pizzagirl and SPINN.

Speaking about the track, vocalist Mike explains: "Sorry is a song that’s been a long time in the making. We have written a load of versions but it was never quite right. Having had so much time through lockdown to write music, we were able to experiment in Dan's bedroom studio. I remember coming home from a food shop and Dan telling me he was a ‘bad man’. That usually means he’s come up with a good part. He showed me the synth riff break after the first verse and it felt pretty special. We finished that demo version and I became obsessed with the demo and was listening to it constantly. It’s a different direction for us, but it’s a direction we’re very much now going in."