DENIO - There, I Said It

Recorded at the band’s recently built home studio following a year of interrogating their creative process and sonic direction, There, I Said It, is the first single from Liverpool four-piece DENIO since 2018.

Written by lead singer Mike Davis while listening to students and faculty speak at university, the track “touches on being a young person who is confused about everything that’s going on. Possibly because of the noise and relentless opinions in the world, who knows?”.

There, I Said It opens with the jangly guitar which feels so familiar amongst the Merseyside music scene, but as the track flows on through wobbly synths and driving rhythm DENIO come into their own. The energetic, Scouse tinged vocals of Davis add to the track’s infectiousness; peaking with the must-singalong chorus line “does anyone really know what’s going on? ‘Cause I don’t”.

There, I Said It is the sound of a band who’ve found their stride, marking DENIO as a band to keep a good eye on throughout 2020.