dexter previews debut EP with new single 'I Like Me'

Credit: Lucy Hickling

18-year old South West Londoner dexter has confirmed details of her debut EP, 'I Do Love A Good Sandwich' due August 4th. Offering a fresh preview of what's to come, she's also unveiled new single 'I Like Me'.

Tenderly expressing the pressure girls feel to be perceived in a certain way, 'I Like Me' finds Charmaine faintly buzzing with youthful energy as she channels the melancholic angst of an entire generation into a beautifully simple, lo-fi conversational number.

Of the track, dexter explains: “‘I Like Me' is about me feeling like I have to be a certain way to make boys like me or to feel more ‘like a girl’. I was inspired by a period of time in lockdown where I found myself trying to buy a bunch of clothes that would be make me feel more feminine and girly but I didn’t even like half the stuff I was buying. I would like it to let listeners know that girls shouldn’t have to act a certain way to feel like they are still feminine or worth people liking them and that it’s cool to be both girly and not girly."