Dirty Nice - Montevideo

London/Bournemouth alt-pop duo Dirty Nice have been carving out one hell of a path for themselves as of late, captivating their listeners with a series of atmospheric releases perfect for fans of everything from The 1975 to The XX.

Continuing on said path, Charlie and Mark have released their glistening and engaging new cut, Montevideo, a form of escapism based around the transportive feeling another person can provide.

The track draws the listener in using immersive and addictive synth which twinkle throughout the duo’s delicate, aesthetically pleasing vocal work, creating a luscious emotive atmosphere capable of transporting the mind to a world of romance.

Vocalist Charlie details, “Sometimes, when you really fall for someone, the universe appears to bend all around you. Even the most seemingly normal of actions can have the power to transport you to the other side of the world, from a small front room on a rainy South London night to a sun baked beach in Montevideo. In times like these, when we can’t travel to some romantic beach on the other side of the world, we have to find paradise within one another. So look closer, be patient and you might just see the sunset under their eyebrow, next to that little freckle.”

Whether it be their style, their sound or the air of mystery which surrounds them, Dirty Nice are one of the most exciting breakthrough bands of the year, and one that gets stronger with each and every release.