Dirty Nice share dreamy new lo-fi summer soundtrack 'Tulips'

With their eagerly awaited debut album 'Lobster' approaching on October 1st, alt-pop duo Dirty Nice continue to provide the ultimate blissed out summer soundtrack with new single 'Tulips'.

In keeping with the fuzzed out, hazy theme of recent singles 'Get In Your Head (Malkovich Ya)' and 'Supreme Ultimate Woman', the new cut is a soothingly euphoric, aesthetically pleasing few minutes of dream-like warmth.

Explaining the floral theme of the track, the band's Charlie Pelling says: "I bought her some yellow tulips after an argument. She didn’t care in the moment. Later, she arranged them in a vase on the windowsill. For me, they became a symbol of the core of our relationship, pure and delicate, regardless of the rough patches we move through. Now, when I see some tulips, they remind me to celebrate that fact I am able to share my blip of existence with her."

Dirty Nice's debut album, 'Lobster' is released October 1st via Chiverin.