Dirty Nice - The Deep Down

Following the release of Sunshine End Times, Charlie Pelling and Mark Thompson, better known as Dirty Nice erupt into autumn with their warm and colourful new cut, The Deep Down.

Their best release to date? You bet it is. Somehow sounding like a clash of both the indie-pop of The 1975’s earlier work and the experimental electronic lines of their newest era, The Deep Down is Dirty Nice stepping up their game.

Is it the kaleidoscopic synths or the soothing-yet-soaring vocal which captivates the listener so well? It’s probably both; either way its nothing short of brilliant.

The duo explain; “The Deep Down is the place where you keep your soul. It could be in your belly, at the back of your head or in an old box under your bed. Like the Picture of Dorian Gray it is weathered down by the consequences of living. Wherever you keep it, make sure you take good care of it and be careful not to ignore it for too long or it will become harder and harder to take it out and it will take longer and longer to heal. Accept it for what it is. It’s you...welcome to The Deep Down and good luck.”