Dizzy - The Sun and Her Scorch

Canadian indie-pop band Dizzy have created a soulful summer soundtrack in the release of their second studio album, The Sun and Her Scorch.

Framed by the tracks Worms and Worms II, a narrative unfolds within the track list, created by beautiful, poetic lyrics and the soft and sweet vocals of frontwoman Katie Munshaw.

The trio, made up of Munshaw and instrumentalists Alex, Mackenzie and Charlie Spencer, won over many with the release of their first album and have made a smooth continuation from this initial sound. Their music has matured along with them as a band and together they have created a staple indie-pop album that gives us mesmerising lyrics and memorable instrumentals.

The band gave us a taste of what was to come of the album, teasing singles Sunflower, The Magician and Roman Candles prior to the release of The Sun and Her Scorch. All three tracks are enchanting and create a different tone of heartbreak in each, showing the diversity of Dizzy’s songs, lyrics and instrumental arrangements. Although some songs echo the loneliness of past relationships and lost love, they are contrasted with choruses fit to dance to with toe-tapping tempos.

As well as upbeat songs, Dizzy even out their second album with slower ballads, poignant to the listener. Beatrice and Primrose Hill show the vulnerability of the music on this album, showcasing the band’s talents. Leading from the success of their first album, Baby Teeth, The Sun and Her Scorch achieves an even more accomplished sound from the band.

Having won the Juno Award for Alternative Album of the Year at the Juno Awards, a Canadian award ceremony, in 2019 for their first album Baby Teeth, it would be of no surprise to see The Sun and Her Scorch follow closely behind. The beauty from Dizzy’s first album trickles into their second release. They carry over all that was wonderful in lyrics, vocals and instrumentals and increase that wonder by tenfold in the journey from their first to second album. It can sometimes be hard for bands and musicians to break away from the initial success of a first album and to bring this success in their future work, but Dizzy do so brilliantly, keeping their original sound and allowing it to craft their work into something that is still so unique.

The Sun and Her Scorch is a huge success for Dizzy and will continue to pave the way for their future releases.