Drug Store Romeos - Quotations For Locations

No strangers to touring with the likes of The Orielles, The Big Moon and Soccer Mommy, Hampshire trio Drug Store Romeos establish themselves as key players of the new music scene with fresh cut Quotations For Locations.

Produced by alt-J producer/mixer Charlie Andrew and his assistant Matt Glasbey, the track is intricate yet playful. Drum machines are the main focal point alongside Sarah’s delicate and hypnotic vocals. Despite it’s minimalism and softness, Quotations For Locations possesses a subtly powerful groove which warms its listener and plays with the senses.

The band explain, “‘Quotations For Locations’ is a song that zooms in on some intricacies of life which in turn causes you to zoom out from yours. Allowing you to then become completely enveloped in it’s minimalist arrangement and light dancey groove.

The power which Drug Store Romeos hold within their sound is intoxicating and endearing. Well beyond their years, Quotations For Locations is the sound of a band set to become very important in coming years.