Dutch Criminal Record - Feel Good

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Fresh from the well received release of their cover of The Smiths’ This Charming Man, Portsmouth indie-surf trio Dutch Criminal Record are exactly what it says on the tin in new cut, Feel Good.

The band’s first ‘proper’ release of 2020 is a breezy, uplifting and infectious slice of easy to listen to surf-pop. Good old fashioned indie jangly guitars meet laidback drum beats for a track perfectly matched to sunny summer strolls.

Chatting about the track, Joe Delany-Stone explains, “I was listening to Orange Juice in my room (the song Rip It Up to be precise) idaly playing guitar and the opening riff to Feel Good just sort of fell onto my fingers as I was playing along. I liked it so decided to write a song about feeling good as the riff had a chipper vibe to it, however once the lyrics formed it ended up being a sarcastic take on the keep calm and carry on, slap a smile on it attitude towards mental health.”

With more releases on the horizon, Dutch Criminal Record’s future is looking as sunny and positive as their sound.