Dylan Cartlidge - Cheerleader

Having erupted back onto the scene at the heigh of lockdown, the North East’s Dylan Cartlidge returns with Cheerleader, his second single of 2020, and a fresh glimpse into his forthcoming EP Yellow Brick Road which is set for release on 14th August.

Its pretty difficult not to get swept up in the upbeat positivity of Cheerleader. Cartlidge’s bouncy, uplifting energy is brimming with an infectious sense of positivity capable of spreading a smile across your face and setting your hips swaying.

Speaking about the track, Dylan details, “For me Cheerleader has a lot to do with self-esteem, stereotypes and finding a place to fit in. The whole song is based on the way growing up and establishing your identity is displayed in Hollywood movies and how that on-screen portrayal syncs up with real life.”

Ultimately, it’s about not conforming to stereotypes and being your own Cheerleader, one that’s always rooting for your own unique flavour & individuality.”