Eades - Forget What You Want

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Alongside the news of their debut EP (out July 10th), Leeds quintet Eades have unveiled another take on their anxiety fuelled, infectious indie-pop sound, Forget What You Want.

Written by vocalist Harry Jordan alongside a long-term friend who has previously struggled with addiction, Forget What You Want features engaging lyrics based on both personal and literary issues; fronted by plucky, lighthearted guitar riffs and a super summery beat.

Speaking on the track, Harry’s writing partner explains: Its about a malcontent mind, who whilst trying to sleep, without the distractions of day to day life, gets caught up in an abstract etiological search for the root of all his current problems. The chorus refers to how dark moments are often more formative than happy times: you simply experience and enjoy happy moments, whereas dark moments can linger, stew and twist you irrevocably.”

Harry adds: “The song was influenced by Synecdoche, New York’s funeral poem and a quote from Don DeLillo’s Underground. The chorus also references Cormac McCarthy’s, The Road.”

Eades’ recent string of releases mark their ability to fuse thoughtful lyrical content with uplifting indie-pop beats, making them a strong contender for 2021’s festival scene, if we’re lucky.