Eades Preview New EP with 'Present In The Moment'

Photo Credit: Devon Chambers

Continuing to dominate 2021 as one of the strongest newcomers on the block, Leeds quintet Eades have announced a new EP for April 30th. 'Abstract Education' is set for release via the band's new label, Heist or Hit and is previewed by the plucky new single, 'Present In The Moment'.

Time and time again, Eades outdo themselves. With each new release, the Yorkshire outfit outfit excite and excel; playfully flicking from genre to genre yet never failing to create some kind of addictive and uplifting variation on indie-rock. On 'Present In The Moment', the band storm through frantic and dynamic guitar; peppy drums and a good old dose of cowbell in yet another testament to their ever growing success.

Frontman Harry Jordan explains: “I was away on holiday with my girlfriend in Australia for 3 weeks, and by the last week I was itching to get back and write some music. When I haven't done any music in a while I go a bit stir crazy and start getting really agitated and go off into my own little world inside my head. I wrote the lyrics just after we’d had an argument because apparently I wasn't “present in the moment”... I hate to admit it but she was probably right. I swear I'm not normally that angsty.”