Ed Nash - Say Anything

Ed Nash, bassist of cult indie icons Bombay Bicycle Club, is striking out on his own with an understated smattering of songs. His latest single, ‘Say Anything’ is a kind of alternative lullaby, evoking long nights by a campfire and rainy lockdown afternoons. It has a quietly cinematic feel - it wouldn’t be out of place in a coming of age indie flick, such as the John Hughes classic it borrows its name from.

Standing modestly at just under two minutes in length, it’s a breezy track, crafted to gently uplift without the bombastic ego associated with so many singer-songwriters. Eschewing his former moniker, ‘Toothless’, in favour of his own name, the shift marks a distinctly more intimate tone; the single is a paired back take on 00s indie simplicity, personal enough to be utterly believable. Released in conjunction with his two recent singles, ‘When’ and ‘Think You Feel the Same’, he heralds a new way of putting out music, the singles piling on top of each other cumulatively rather than waiting for the big commercial landing of an album. This spontaneous, as-and-when method chimes perfectly with his low-key, honest lyricism, painting Nash as a force to be reckoned with.