eee gee caters to the introverts on delicate new track 'All or Nothing'

Credit: Niklas Adrian Vindelev

“I write music for the introvert, who is constantly pushed into the uncomfortable extrovert way of how the world works.” tells eee gee - the Danish newcomer creating elegantly delicate folk-pop centred around her own beliefs and fragility.

On her new single 'All or Nothing' Emma's vocals take the spotlight, perched upon the simple twang of an acoustic guitar and twinkling piano - she expresses self-pity with soft, warm grace.

All or Nothing is about feeling inadequate and sorry for yourself, watching everyone else succeed in life." tells eee gee."You’re feeling paralyzed from your lack of actions, and slowly realize that you now have to work twice as hard to get where you want to be, because you’ve been snoozing your life away. It’s the unpleasant but important wake up call, the awakening from hibernation."