Eli Moon - Angels, Devils and Empty Vessels

Still fresh with success from his most recent release Phases, the release of Eli Moon’s latest EP Angels, Devils and Empty Vessels shares with us the final 3 tracks from the collection. Hailing from South London, Eli delivers a fresh approach to contemporary R&B with the help of co-writer and producer MOJAM.

Like many artists in today’s climate, this release seems to have come to fruition during lockdown, in the midst of global pandemic. The ominous thought of an unknown future didn’t stop one of the UK’s rising R&B stars in making a beautifully sounding and perfectly presented collection of songs to follow on from his debut EP just a year earlier. Whilst only half the size of its predecessor Bodies, this latest release is even bigger and better.

Opening with Stasis, Eli instantly hits with a beat that excites, yet compliments the slightly subdued vocals on top. A heavy chill vibe on this track helps to set the tone of the record, sharing emotional thoughts with the listener that allows for Eli to powerfully connect in ways which some other artists struggle to do. The next track is an instant change of pace. A much more upbeat track, with seeming more layers offering up a different sound to the first tack without sounding too out of place. Understandably, as the single Phases was released before the EP itself, it became a hit with the fans and it’s clear to see why. An almost retro sound is created through synth like elements with a fast-paced set of drums underneath. Sharing another powerful message in the vocals, Eli notes “Life happens in phases… no situation lasts forever, there is never a situation where you have no power to affect it.”.

On third track, Bigger That Us, Moon pushes the boat out with yet another display of new sounds, and angelic overtones that smoothly run parallel with the R&B style he’s becoming so infamous for. Echoey vocals blend in and out of the background making it easy for the listener to simply get lost in Eli’s voice. A more direct, final track comes in the from of Pray, perfectly closing out the record. More powerful, aggressive melodies feature on this track, yet they’re mixed in such a way that avoids the usual harshness some might expect when creating a sound like this one. Again, Eli displays a slight change of tone through slight sonic alterations with a track that leaves a long-lasting impression at the end of the EP.

A concise display of talent shines through on Angels, Devils and Empty Vessels. Despite being a rising star in the industry, it seems like Eli Moon is a fast learner, as only a year on from his debut EP release, he’s already managed to create his own sound, synonymous with his name. With R&B having such influence across the genres, creating a fresh sound in a crowded market is no easy feat but it seems like Eli might have found the secret formula. Another great display of musical talent from one of the industry’s rising stars, this EP might be short and sweet, but it certainly packs a punch.

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