Elke offers a glimpse into her world with brooding new track 'Vacuum'

Nashville-based Elke has provided a glimmer of her forthcoming debut album with the swooning new single 'Vacuum' – released alongside a video directed by partner, producer and fellow musician Zac Farro (of Paramore).

Glamorous in the most subtle of ways, 'Vacuum' displays Elke's sense of humour and self in equal measure. Her own way of exploring the need to make something of herself, she mixes an air of retro NYC rock with her own brand of brooding, yet dreamlike songwriting for a classy and welcoming introduction to her world.

Speaking on the track, she adds: "I decided a vacuum is what one needed first and foremost because in reaching distance from where I was writing the song was a book I was reading - "Pretend I'm Dead” by Jen Beagin. I had the line already written, "If I could give you anything, I'd give you this", and from there I had to decide what that was. Seeing the book ignited the idea of a vacuum because the main character cleans homes for a living, and I also have this weird attachment to the sensation of vacuuming, watching the dust get picked up. It's all my way of saying 'Wake up! Try harder & make something of yourself!"