Ellysse Mason - Something Good

Something Good, the newest single from Ellysse Mason, is a genre you could dub ‘horizon pop’. Her layered synths, smoky voice and gently plucked electric guitars make an emotion heavy journey, but one thing’s clear: something good is coming.

Often compared to Massive Attack, Ellysse Mason has self-described her sound as ‘cinematic music’. There’s a story to her sound, bigger than the one her lyrics tell. Her music has been called ‘ethereal’ or ‘haunting’: but the emotions she’s tapping into are close to home. Ellysse talks about her ‘production first’ method, it’s because the vibe is what she’s really trying to get right, which is her strongest point. She’s even described her music as ‘a diner, on the moon… with neon’ which makes total sense – it’s relatable, but still feels out of this world.

Like most artists on their early EP’s, Ellysse Mason has a direction that needs only a slightly clearer path. For one, her already textured voice deserves more sophisticated production than a nice pop reverb. Overall, though, Something Good has the vocal range and magnitude of music that could one day be compared to Florence and the Machine – a growing, overwhelming sound that puts physicality to the untouchable feeling that your chest might burst.