Emma Bradley debuts her immersive vulnerability on 'Perfumed By You'

Credit: Jordan Hardy

Arriving with the debut single, ‘Perfumed By You’ – released via tmrwk records, London singer-songwriter Emma Bradley marks herself a must watch.

The candid, tantalising track introduces us to an enchanting world of tastefully layered RnB and classical influences, each made Emma’s very own through her sheer vulnerability and ability to immerse the listener in her diarised lyricism.

Speaking on ‘Perfumed By You’, Emma reflects; "I wrote ‘Perfumed By You’ in the middle of the night a few years ago. I was at uni and feeling really isolated and like I was fighting with my own head a little bit. It’s about having unrequited feelings for someone and not being able to snap out of it, as if you’re just a bit drunk on it. You are trying to get over them but can’t because everything around you is reminding you of them - like going to places you used to go together or putting on a jumper that smells like them - you can’t escape.”

“The song was actually pretty much entirely improvised, I must have written it in five or ten minutes. I remember writing the piano part and recording it and then just turning my mic on and I just spilled out everything I was thinking at that moment, it was really therapeutic.”