Evey shares vulnerable debut single 'Nothing'

Written from a place of extreme emotional vulnerability, ‘Nothing’ is the debut single from Copenhagen based singer-songwriter Evey.

From this single alone, you are able to understand Evey. You are able to understand that she has gone through deep hardships and is wanting to openly talk about these tougher topics, to fight the stigma. Not only has Evey put into words the struggles she has been through, she has done this is a beautifully curated and technically perfect way.

The release sounds professional and polished and Evey’s voice rings true to pure excellence. ‘Nothing’ is the song you need to get you through hard times, it is splendidly relatable. The hard-hitting lyricism forms a cleverly rich contrast against such a positively upbeat back-beat. However, this means that this is not a song to cry to, this is a song to express yourself to.

This self-released debut single truly highlights Evey’s musical capabilities and proves she has a glimmering career ahead of herself.