Faerie shares new rose-tinted single 're: invite me to the moon'

Synth-pop newcomer Faerie has offered up the sweetest of treats with her new track ‘re: invite me to the moon’. Collabering with VelviV, the artist has offered up a ethereal new single, using an eclectic mix of jazz, indie, and pop. The result is a blissful escape into a rose-tinted haven, made from a mix of lulling vocals, heartfelt lyrics and a backing you could simply melt into.

The track invites you in with light drum beats, xylophone scales and retro-sounding guitar licks, before Fairie greets the listener. The artist's voice is made for the bedroom pop style. As she sings lyrics of love-filled escape, her vocals seem to dance, making the hazy soundscape reminiscent of a crush-fueled daydream.

It’s an amalgamation of sounds to bask in- but the track is sure to keep moving, carefully manipulating the textures of the track. Beginning with a muffled filter over the middle-eight, the backing then blossoms into a dense, hazy soundscape for the final portion of the track, led by the artist's angelic harmonies, and the introduction of atmospheric horns. This final portion is reminiscent of euphoric summer nights, gethered with loved ones, and the unwavering night sky. Through ‘re: invite me to the moon’, Faerie has created her launching pad to the stars, with the unforgettable track sure to lift her to cosmic heights.