Fauna Fast Forward To Summer With New Track 'Sometimes'

‘Sometimes’ is the newest rosy release from Manchester quartet Fauna. It’s catchy, heartening and definitely danceable.

‘Sometimes’ provides the perfect upbeat summer vibes that are much needed in times like these. Play this song through your speaker and despite the rain pouring down outside, there is no doubt that you will feel positively carefree and exhilarated.

Fauna have an incredible ability to deliver memorable and captivating music, the single is adorned with snappy riffs and a pretty addictive drum beat. The chorus is the star of the show and it really goes to show that simplicity is sometimes key.

Danny’s stellar vocals provides a voice that can be listened to non-stop, and there is certainly an element of optimism and cheerfulness in his tone.

Fauna possess a real aptitude for sparkling releases and they irrefutably have the potential to make it big in 2021.