Faux Pas - Gorilla Man

With their characterised gender-bending style and customary arduous musical style, Faux Pas have surprised many with releasing a rich acoustic single, Gorilla Man (Alternative Version).

Gorilla Man is a vivid, hard-hitting love ballad with deep lyrical artistry. Lead vocalist Ru Cowl explained that the single is his way of “giving thanks to my father Andy, someone who poured an immeasurable amount of love into my childhood.”

The single is dazzling with intimate simplicity, the lyrics are vulnerable and open yet can easily be interpreted for any listener to be suited to their own needs. Gorilla Man exonerates a euphoric aura, delivering a sense of peace and the feeling of floating 5,000 meters above the clouds.

Despite the overall song delivering the message that simplicity is key, the guitar forms an exquisite, intricate, and delicate backdrop for Ru’s sedative voice.

With the Manchester quartet proving that they are more than capable of mastering both hard-hitting grunge and delicate serenades, they are worth keeping an eye out for.