feeo - Yeti

Oxford producer and songwriter feeo has unveiled Yeti, an exceptional example of her varied influences of jazz, folk, reggae and Ibiza soundtracks.

Yeti is a soulful, shimmering glimpse at feeo’s spine-tingling vocal arrangements and harmonies. Simply breathtaking from start to finish, the track possesses a sense of both complexity and simplicity capable of leaving its listener in awe.

“Yeti is an exploration of the multiplicity of the human ‘self' and its relationship with our concepts of 'other'. Using a myth based narrative, I wanted to look at the subconscious, primal self and depict the duality between this and the real world. I was particularly interested in looking at the parallels between myth and reality and the idea that myth is a projection of our deeper human selves.”, feeo tells.

Yeti showcases an artist with breathtaking talent, from her vocals to her storytelling, feeo possesses out of this world talent deserving of boundless success.