Filth - Tangerine Dream

In mining a rich seam of political angst and satirical comment, Stoke’s premier purveyors of punkadelia Filth shine an unforgiving light on the perceived hypocrisies of the ruling classes with their earth moving new release Tangerine Dream.

Vocalist Jack Melvin’s acidic lyrics are a comment on the private habits of ex-Tory MP, Stephen Milligan. Witty and daring, the band continue to integrate the shock factor which forms a vital element of their live shows into their pulsating studio releases.

Tangerine Dream incorporates catchy fuzz driven riffs with cascading drums and a driving bass leaving the listener in no doubt that these guys mean business. Guitarist, Lewis Fernyhough packs a psychedelic punch in creating an impenetrable wall of sound which complements the track’s lyrical content while drummer Adam Heath’s intricate fills provide a dynamic rhythmic structure always underpinned by Charlie Ball’s melodic bass.

Climaxing in an explosion of psychotic sound and screams Tangerine Dream adds a further chapter to Filth’s manifesto.