Fossway - Live In The Fire

Live in The Fire by alt-rock trio Fossway, is a masterclass of musicianship that demonstrates impeccable levels of creativity and complexity; this is a song that bursts with energy and confidence.

One listen to the new single easily shows why Fossway have previously been described as Muse-meets-Radiohead. The trio walk the line between soft, introverted vocals that nod to Thom Yorke, and heavier moments more akin to Muse. Aptly the song is packed with a multitude of creative music ideas and impressive musicianship: intricate guitar riffs interplay with equally complex bass lines, all whilst being driven by Rush-esque, powerhouse drumming.

John Lennox (bassist & lyricist) explains: “lyrically, I wanted to encapsulate our journey as a band through hyperbole. The burning desire to play shows in front of live audiences and travelling to different cities to reach new people. Getting through the challenges together as a band and sticking together as both friends and a working team”.

As a seasoned band that has played festivals such as Lindisfarne, Hook & Gun, and Long Division - and shared billing alongside the likes of Peter Hook & The Light, We Are Scientists and False Advertising – 2021 looks set to be a promising year for the trio as live opportunities present themselves once again.