Francis of Delirium - Lakes

Based out of Luxembourg, Canadian-American duo Francis of Delirium create grunge-meets-DIY music to feed the soul. Their second EP, Wading is due in February on Dalliance Recordings, with lead single Lakes out now and adding some much needed goodness to the world.

Rich in textural layers and a sense of youthful innocence, Lakes combines the gritty guitars of 90s grunge with tender, yet powerful vocals; resulting in a powerful sound rippling with passion.

Speaking about Lakes, Jana Bahrich explains: “The main idea in Lakes is that we all fed by other people (or other “rivers”) to eventually form who we are, one large lake fed by other water streams, one community.

Left emptied and lost, you begin to lose your sense of self. Your anchor was the people around you, and now you’re tied to nothing, floating around in a space alone.”

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