Friendly Whiskey - Last Orders EP

Manchester’s Friendly Whiskey ironically serve us Last Orders as their debut EP.

The product of two years of blood, sweat and tears, this Americana inspired first release only gives a snapshot of what this band have within them.

These five tracks paint an impeccable picture of a Wild West lifestyle, with songs such as Texas bringing you to half believe that this four piece hail from a far different land than urban Manchester.

Infusing undeniable country tropes along with those of classic rock tunes, they have curated an EP reminiscent of the glory days of old Western films, with their own twist. These tunes were made to be synced, with Mañana as a call out to lost love, and the consistent tying together with film style audio show a sense of purpose that is undeniable.

If this debut is anything to go by, 2020 has been productive for these boys. Roll on 2021.