Fuzzy Sun - A Modern Kind Of Blue

Shedding a bit of brightness in dark times, Manchester’s Fuzzy Sun have blessed us with a quarantine single, A Modern Kind of Blue.

More bittersweet than previous releases from this band, this track remains a fizzy pop take on the current state of things. With the infectious jangle and catchy hooks we are so used to with these ‘slink pop maestros’, Fuzzy Sun have once again proven that they are on the forefront of the genre.

Accompanied by a socially distanced music video, we follow the band through what has become a familiar sight for all of us, Skype calls and news clips and making the best of a bad situation. The overall positivity this band exude, even in a track where the message is largely bittersweet, speaks to the appeal of this band, and their drive to maintain their trajectory to greatness is evident.