Fuzzy Sun - Stories Retold

Fuzzy Sun have been a band on everyone’s lips, especially after the countless festivals and shows that they played in 2019 alongside Blossoms, and that has not stopped in 2020 even with the turbulence that the music industry is facing. However, Fuzzy Sun have used this time for introspection and reflection. Starting their year with a double A-side, then followed by a full-length EP, they have gone strength to strength with their distinctive sound and there’s no stopping them with their new release - a fully acoustic EP, Stories Retold. Formed of seven tracks, this EP reimagines some of their biggest songs into their most beautifully laid-back versions, a perfect soundtrack for those rainy nights.

Acoustic music is something close to the band- an integral part of their musical maturation- with the band frequently citing the work of artists like John Martyn, Nick Drake and Joni Mitchell as some of their influences and these are prominent within this EP.

The usually pop infused Want Love is completely re-imagined to a soulful declaration that you could listen to on repeat, whilst ‘Eve’ has the smoothness that the original possesses, the harmonies as strong as ever within all tracks. Their latest releases, Sorry Honey and Gentleman’s Touch also get the acoustic makeover and the addition of the interlude track Thalassophobia is a welcome one, a foals-like instrumental to lead the EP to the closer Come Take A Bite.

If there’s one thing that Fuzzy Sun value, it’s story-telling, with the band urging the listener to listen to the EP from top to bottom in one sitting, “It’s how we built it and how we think it’s best heard” explains frontman Kyle Ross. “We value albums and the experience that comes with listening to them. We’ve tried that concept a bit before but with Stories Retold I think we really refined it and we hope people can embrace it in the way we intended”.