Georgia Tuohey - Sunday Bliss

Sunday Bliss by Georgia Tuohey is short, sweet and angelic. Perfectly evoking a laid-back, summer evening through the relaxed tempo and calming piano, this is a strong debut single timed impeccably well to coincide with the summer sunshine, providing much-needed positivity and peace of mind to the listener.

Wonderful, soaring vocals display Georgia’s prowess; her range and tone is truly impressive. Though sweet, it’s not sugar-coated; emotion is exuded with each syllable, whilst the layers of vocal harmonies bring additional depth. Although this may not win everyone over instantly, appreciation for the song genuinely grows after each listen.

Having previously been a contributing songwriter at Xenomania Records, Georgia Tuohey now returns to writing and releasing her own music, bringing with her an ear for carefully crafted melodies and smooth production: a winning combination evident throughout this first release.