Get To Know... Blood Wizard

Blood Wizard is the new project from frontman of Nottingham punk band Kagoule, Cai Burns.

Set to drop his debut album, ‘Western Spaghetti’ via Moshi Moshi Records on 5th March, Blood Wizard finds Cai exploring himself and his music without any fixed direction or boundaries. The outcome of which, is a blissful combination of folk, post-punk, surf-rock and everything in-between.

We caught up with Cai to chat about his musical career so far, his favourite upcoming artists and all things ‘Western Spaghetti’.

Hey! Tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi, I'm Blood Wizard and I make alt-folky tunes from my house in Nottingham.

Was a career in music always the goal for you, or did you have other ideas when you were younger?

Well.. before music I wanted to be a magician, ha! but since I was about 14 I’ve wanted to play guitar in a band. I don’t think even back then I really thought about it as a career though. I just went one step at a time you know. I still kind of have the same approach today. I'm quite happy to go with the flow and I'm not worried about making a living from it.

Tell us a bit about the album, ‘Western Spaghetti’ - where did the inspiration come from and how did the writing process differ to making music with Kagoule?

Blood Wizard began its life really as a place for me to put 'the songs that didn't fit into Kagoule' but over time it developed into its own thing, with its own process and sound. The record is made from songs I've written over the past few years, so the songs mostly pre-date the actual blood wizard project. I took the songs and spent a couple weeks in a studio just down the road from me and they really took on a life of their own and made total sense together. It feels like a really natural starting point.

Would you say there’s anything you’ve learned about yourself through your music?

That’s quite hard to say as I’ve done it for so long it’s kind of shaped me. I was a very shy boy growing up and music has definitely given me a confidence that I can’t imagine I would have had without it. Working under the pressures of a label at 18 definitely made me grow up quicker.

Is there anything you wish you’d known about the music industry when you first started out?

I literally had such a false idea of the industry before I was thrown into it. Honestly.. it’s a bit of a whirlwind. I’ve met so many amazing people along the way and had experiences I’ll never forget but it has also been pretty damaging to my mental health. Blood Wizard is a bit of a chance for me to start again with the knowledge I've gained from previous projects. I’m taking it easy this time!

Talk us through some of your favourite upcoming artists, who should we be listening to?

Been loving my fellow Moshi Moshi artists Speedboat. Always excited to hear Do Nothing’s new releases (Miss you Chris!). Sinead O’Brien & co are making some great tunes. Also really enjoying what Clara Mann has been releasing.

What would the dream Blood Wizard show look like?

Ohh, don’t make me think about my dream show at a time like this. Right now I’d take anything!

If you could have any director/filmmaker create a Blood Wizard music video, who would it be?

How about we make a feature length horror film with Robert Eggers about a cave-dwelling folk-wizard who has some kind of goblin army or something?

What’s the plan post-album release? If there anything else we can look forward to?

I’m going to get straight to recording more music. Hopefully we can squeeze in some shows later in the year too. Fingers crossed!