Get to know... Bucky Boudreau

Regularly working alone in his New York studio, Brooklyn based Bucky Boudreau's multi-textured blend of RnB, UK electronica and ambient indie has led to a brand new twelve track collection of enticing, highly artistic and intricate tracks titled 'Oh, Hi!, Oh...' - due for release on 26th May via artist run label Radio Silence.

Firmly hooked by Bucky's love of performance art and experimental sounds, we sent him some questions to learn more about his love of New York, the various influences he draws his music from and what's to be anticipated from his forthcoming album.

Hello! How’s life in New York treating you?

New York is being pretty nice to me these days! I watched that Jordan documentary recently so I've been spending a lot of time outside pretending I'm good at basketball.

You’ve just released your second single - for those who’ve not heard your music before, describe your sound for us?

I'd like to think that my music sounds like if you could export beats from Photoshop.

Tell us a bit about your background, did you have a musical upbringing or have you found yourself here by pure chance?

I was extremely fortunate to have that lucky combination of supportive parents and access to YouTube tutorials.

You’re very much a multi disciplined artist, talk us through your songwriting process a little bit - how do these tracks tend to come together?

I try to combine music with image wherever I can. Sometimes that will mean having a moodboard pulled up on the screen while I'm producing a song, sometimes I'll design the album cover before I write the lyrics, etc. A lot of times the sight will lead the sound, making sonic decisions based off of what I'm seeing.

Do you have a particular favourite part of your creative process?

It happens at different points in the process, but basically any time that I hit that "flow state". I'm having a tough time putting it into words, but I'd compare it to the feeling of having a really great conversation with someone. The conversations I feel the most comfortable in are the ones that unfold and develop naturally, the ones where you're not straining to find what you're going to say next. Making art as an individual, there's a sort of conversation with yourself that's happening throughout all these decisions. I think that conversation is my favorite part, especially when it feels steady and engaging.

You’ve got an album on the way! Tell us a bit about ‘Oh, Hi!, Oh…’ - how are you feeling about getting it out into the world?

I'm really ready for it to be a thing that exists for everyone, not just me and my friends and my family. I've done a lot of work over the years that I've wiped clean or deleted or taken down off the internet because I felt like it wasn't "good enough" or was even straight up embarrassed by. Maybe it's a low bar, but I'm very excited to not delete this off the internet, to feel proud of what I've made.

What’s your favourite part of the music scene in New York?

The fact that people make these incredible giant sounding records in apartments with the thinnest walls really amazes me.

If you could choose any director/filmmaker to create a music video for you, who would you choose?

I'm incredibly lucky that I already get to work with my favorite filmmaker, Tony Donghyuk Yoon. The way that Donald Glover and Hiro Murai have built this amazing longrunning collaborative partnership is definitely a blueprint I'm looking towards. I really love the idea of loyalty, not just running to whoever is the hot-at-this-moment-director, but instead making art with friends you have a history with.

And post-album release, what can we expect to hear from you?

I have another body of work I'm putting together, it's called "and then god left the room...". More than anything, I'm excited to push what I'm doing even further. Taking inspiration from people like SOPHIE, I want to make art that chooses to stomp in places where I've chosen to tiptoe before.