Get to know... Cop Kid

Hopping from glitchy melancholia to addictive, optimism-fuelled electro-pop at the click of a finger, Utah duo Cop Kid and their refreshing approach to alt-pop are one to get familiar with.

Set to support Noah Cyrus later this year, the pair's recently dropped EP, 'Cop Kid Greatest Hits, Vol. 2' is everything pop in 2021 should be. Emotive, infectious and most importantly, ever-changing - Cop Kid place as easily amongst the experimental production of Charli XCX as they do the tender lyricism of Clairo and Girl In Red.

We caught up with the pair to learn all about 'Cop Kid Greatest Hits, Vol. 2'.

You two are former ‘frenemies’ - right? Tell us a bit about how you came to create music together as Cop Kid?

We grew up knowing who each other were in the Utah music scene, but never really crossing paths in real life. Our names really set both of us apart from others, but lumped us together which was interesting, as we’d never met before. When we finally did meet, it was because I (Marny) was in a bit of a jam with a jingle I was writing and called Boone up to come and help me out. He did, and we ended up recording some other stuff that night that ended up being the beginnings of Cop Kid.

The Cop Kid sound is very much in the realm of fun pop, but lyrically your music is very intimate and candid. Is that juxtaposition something you set out to achieve, or more of a natural occurrence?

Marny is an amazing singer songwriter, with introspective and raw lyrics. Though her typical style is on the sad-girl train, she always wanted to be in a pop band, and when we started making tunes, it just turned into this really cool, electronic, poppy thing that hit a vein of something we’d both been looking to tap into.

You’ve just dropped your debut EP, tell us a bit about ‘Cop Kid Greatest Hits Vol.2’? Which is your favourite of the 5 tracks?

Boone’s favorite is Give You Up, because it sounds like a song he’d dance to even if he hadn’t made it. He likes that it’s a pop song, but has moments that feel more raw, not tied up with a nice bow. Marny’s favorite is Bonsai. That track just feels SO different, and we made it in like 3 hours - it just sort of fell out and became something so special, immediately. She also had a dead Bonsai on her sideboard for a long time that she’d not been able to throw away for no real reason, so writing that track felt gratifying in a certain type of way. She threw it away when she got home from making the song.

Is there anything you learned about yourselves in the process of creating the EP?

Marny learned that it’s okay sometimes to just huck it - shit feels better when you just roll with it sometimes. And collectively, it really did help us process the isolation that came with 2020. Kind of a beacon of change, the future, something to look forward to, etc.

You’re due to support Noah Cyrus later this year, what’s the general expectation from a Cop Kid live show?

It’s always a blast. Thus far, the shows we’ve had have always felt really electric and natural. Our first show of the year featured a remix of Hollaback Girl mid-set, and our most recent show began with Fergie’s famous National Anthem performance. All that to say - we like to not take ourselves too seriously, and invite everyone who sees us play to feel comfortable- that helps us create this kind of intimate and vulnerable setting that we think is pretty neat.

Are there any other big names you’d like to share a stage with?

Britney Spears, Gorillaz, and James Blake. Maybe St. Vincent, Sylvan Esso.

Tell us a bit about the music scene in Utah, are there any other upcoming artists we should be keeping an eye on?

Utah has a really exciting music scene happening right now. Adult Prom, future.exboyfriend, Nicole Canaan and Dad Bod are a few that we always geek out about. We’re also opening for Brother at the end of August at Velour - they are definitely worth checking out!

And what’s in store for the rest of 2021? Any other plans in the works?

As far as the future goes, we’ve got some more gigs lined up for the rest of the year including the Noah Cyrus show in our hometown of Ogden in September, and we’re working on the next EP, alongside some fun little surprise singles that should be coming out very soon.