Get To Know... CRITTER

Nineteen year old LA residents CRITTER are the iconic new duo on the block.

The pair have just dropped their effortlessly cool, all too catchy debut single ‘PFC’, which aptly stands for “pretty fucking cool”. It’s breezy, it’s addictive and it may just mark them as one of the most exciting pairings of 2021.

We fired Jake and Quinn some questions to learn all about CRITTER, what they have in store and what life is like in LA.

Hi! Tell us a bit about CRITTER - who are you and what led you to create music together?

CRITTER is Jake and Quinn. We met at home in NJ and fell into this producer/writer dynamic on our second day of college. We never thought to start CRITTER, but one day we realised we had a bunch of songs together and said why not.

Your debut single ‘PFC’ just dropped - how does it feel to have your first music out in the world?

Neither of us have released anything in about 2 years, and CRITTER has been long in the making, so it’s exciting to have this be more than a file in a private Soundcloud.

Talk us through the single a bit, what’s it about and what inspired it?

Around the time of this session, someone inferred to Quinn that she was ugly and she got sad. We had been bumping a lot of super pop stuff and came out of a studio session with the song basically written. It’s really just about trying to value the parts of yourself that are actually worth caring about.

Would you say ‘PFC’ is a good representation of what’s to come from you guys, or do you have some surprises in store for future releases?

The music ahead includes songs about gummy vitamins, gadgets and gizmos, and a special homage to the Wild Wild West— you’ll have to wait and listen.

You’re from LA - who are some of your favourite LA artists at the moment?

We actually are from New Jersey, but are now living in LA. Two of our favorite artists in LA at the moment are our friends Junior Varsity and Dora Jar, who are both dropping crazy stuff soon.

LA obviously has a big reputation, do you think living there has had an effect on your creative output?

We lived in New York last year when CRITTER started, we have way more space out here to do what we want, like ride go karts down Sunset for a music video, theres a certain lawlessness in LA that is missing on the East Coast which we really fuck with.

If you could create your dream CRITTER music video without any concerns for costs, what would it look like?

Extremely large fireworks, an underwater mermaid scene, race cars, and real life elves probably.

What’s the big ‘dream’ for you and your music?

World domination.

Finally, how would you describe CRITTER in three words?

fuzzy, green, many-legged (sorry thats 4)