Get To Know... Dead Poet Society

Years in the making, ‘-!-‘, the debut album from LA based alt-rockers Dead Poet Society is right around the corner.

Flickering through a variety of musical soundscapes, the four-piece have spent their time as a band refusing to be defined by a single genre; instead focussing on creating nothing but the quality, signature sounds which have seen them amass a monstrous, dedicated following.

Ahead of the release of ‘-!-‘ on 12th March, we caught up with vocalist Jack Underkofler to chat about the album, the LA music scene and how he’s keeping busy in a world without live music.

Your debut album is right around the corner! Tell us a bit about it.

Well it’s been two years in the making and it feels great to finally have it done. It’s by far the most DPS sounding collection of songs we’ve put out. It ranges from folk, to heavy, to alt. It’s all over the place.

How are you feeling about putting the album out, excited or are you feeling a little nervous?

Definitely some anxiety but also excitement. We’ve just been sitting on this so long that we’re beyond ready to put the period on it.

You all met at college, right? What was it that encouraged you to start Dead Poet Society?

Yes, Jack (guitarist) and our original bass player Nick Taylor started the band at the beginning of college. Will and I joined on a little while later after they had gone through quite a few bandmates, one of which was one of my best friends that I convinced to leave the band because I thought they were so bad lol. Early into our sophomore year Jack and Nick approached me about singing on a couple of songs they had written and I sort of reluctantly said yes but I’m glad I did because that eventually turned into where we are now. Will joined on around the same time answering to a Facebook post from Jack looking for a drummer‘s and that’s how we were born.

How have you been keeping busy in a world without live music? Picked up any new hobbies?

I play a lot of video games now lol. Also have been trying to write and just get the ball rolling for album #2.

Was music always the dream for you, or did you have other ideas when you were younger?

It’s been the dream for as long as I can remember honestly. From singing karaoke in my living room with my sisters to getting my first guitar to going to college for music. It’s always been the goal.

Tell us a little bit about the music scene in LA, where is your favourite venue to play?

It’s got a lot of really good bands. My favorite venue by far that I’ve played is the El Ray, such a sick venue.

Let’s talk bucket-lists, what’s the ultimate goal for you as a band?

To be one of the biggest rock bands on earth and travel the world learning about new countries and cultures until I take a dirt nap.

What’s the plan post-album release?

Get started on album two and wait til the globe opens up again so we can play a fucking show.