Get To Know... Dutchkid

Photo Credit: Will Chamberlain

Rising through the indie-pop ranks at great speed, London collective Dutchkid have crashed into 2021 with a landmark eight million streams, playlist placements from Spotify's 'New Music Friday' and Apple Music's 'New Artist Spotlight', and three sold out headline shows under their belt.

The band's newest offering, 'Sugar' is a Glass Animals-esque, stylish chunk of electro-pop made for the masses. Written via lockdown video calls, it marks Dutchkid as serious contenders for a monumental breakthrough in 2021.

Hooked by both their sound and talent, we sent Jack and Jordi from the band some questions to learn all about how Dutchkid works, what can be expected from their forthcoming debut album and their live plans for 2021.

Hey! Talk us through Dutchkid, who are you and how did you come to create music together?

Jack: Hey, thanks for having us! So great to chat with you. Dutchkid came together in London in late 2017 as a collective, with our members being:

Jordi van Dyk | Vocals, Bass, Songwriter, & Producer

Pete Coggan | Vocals, Keys, Songwriter, & Producer

Chris Smyth | Samples & Synth, Graphic Design

Jack Kircher | Drums, Mix Engineer, & Video Director

Josh Hailes | Live, Tech, Motion Graphics, & Video Editor

Jordan McGregor | Management

It all started when Jordi moved from Durban, South Africa in early 2017 and was soon introduced to Pete through Chris. Jordi quickly realised that we all shared a common love for the same artists and so Pete and Jordi started songwriting together. Originally, Dutchkid was actually just going to be a songwriting project, but eventually decided that we needed to take it further! They knew we needed a live drummer in our show, so they invited me to join, and as a bonus I’m a professional mix engineer, which really contributes to our “in-house ethos”.

Around the same time that I joined, Josh came aboard as the member responsible for bringing everything together from a technical and live aspect. Lastly, Jordan was brought on to help form our strategic and commercial plan and help us make the best group decisions as our manager.

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard of the band?

Jordi: Great question! I would say it’s a hybrid of electronic music meets alternative pop. Fans of bands like Glass Animals, HONNE, and Alt-J may find similar vibes in our music.

You’ve got a new single out, tell us about ‘Sugar’ - how did this one come together?

Jordi: Pete and I booked a 3-day AirBnb in northern England last year just writing new songs with an exceptional producer called John Foyle. Lots of staying up late, having a good time, and all of that! We were in the middle of recording one of synth lines for SUGAR and in the middle of the recording, Pete received a voice note from his nephew and by mistake he played it out loud. It was perfectly in time with the section of the song, and I was like “We have to use this” as it sounded like a sick, classic hip-hop sample and so we intro’d the track with that. Ha!

When did you realise that you wanted to pursue a career in music? Was it always the dream, or did you have different ideas as kids?

Jordi: I grew up in South Africa and started playing music at a really young age because my Mum always had records playing in the house. I don’t think it was a dream I had since I was a kid, but the more you fall in love with something the more you want to pursue it. When I was in year 10, that’s when I realised I wanted to do music professionally, and I spent a really long time sucking at music before I grew into writing songs that actually people may want to hear.

Have you learned anything about yourselves during your time as a band?

Jordi: I feel like there is so much to learn about being in a band. It continuously teaches you to be more humble and sometimes that can be difficult when you want to do things your own way. You learn that being in a band is actually a team sport. It’s grown our character to learn to hear each other out and consider things from multiple perspectives.

Your debut album is dropping later this year, what can you tell us about it?

Jordi: Over the course of nearly 3 years that we’ve been a band, we have really grown our sound and tried a bunch of different roads, musically. This album we feel is now a little step closer to what we want to be. This album has had a lot of work, love, and tears and it feels like we sort of stumbled onto our “own sound” and we are so damn proud of this collection of songs we have been working on over the past two years. Although we have stumbled onto our sound, I think this album is still quite diverse. No song is the same and each song carries different experiences. I can’t wait for the world to hear it!

If you could have any director/filmmaker create the perfect Dutchkid video, who would you choose?

Jack: I’ve been loving Salomon Ligthelm’s work for the past few years. How he creates unique environments and worlds and his approach to using analogue film would give an amazing visual element to our music.

Who are some of your favourite breakthrough artists from London?

Jordi: You should check out Ralph Taylor, he is someone to watch. He is an exceptionally talented musician and I have had the privilege of hearing a few of his songs before they are to be released. I can’t wait to see where his career goes. Another artist to look out for is J Lloyd who is one-half of the London duo, Jungle. His debut tracks are super lo-fi, stacks of energy and good vibes, and it just blends into the city sounds. The perfect album to listen to if you are just walking down the streets of London.

Album aside, what’s in store for you guys in the not-so-distant future?

Jordi: Believe it or not, we actually have plans to play live this year! Feels so weird to say that as we’ve not been able to play live for what will be two years by the time we hit the stage again, ha! After what will be the fourth (!!) rescheduled date for this gig due to the current situation, we will FINALLY be headlining our largest venue to-date, Oslo in Hackney (East London) at the end of 2021 and unveiling our new live show that we’ve been working on while in lockdown.

If you have been to a Dutchkid gig before, you know that we bring a huge production with us everywhere we go, so we can’t wait to show you what we have in store for our upcoming headline. If you live around London and want to come hang out with us, please check out the gig listing here, pick up a ticket, and come say hello: