Get to know... Dylan Fraser

Bounding into success at an incredible pace, Scottish-born Dylan Fraser may only be 19, but his brooding, euphoric songwriting and keen eye for fashion and visuals has seen him tipped by everyone from Annie Mac and Zane Lowe to Elton John.

His new single, 'I'd Rather Be Here' - released via Asylum/Atlantic finds him reflecting upon the early stages of a relationship which wasn't necessarily the best fit for his own mental health. It combines his self-exposing lyricism with a blend of genres for truly hypnotic listening.

We caught up with Dylan to talk about his visual instincts, interest in fashion and what's come to come from his second EP promised later in the year.

Hey! You’ve got a new single out - tell us a bit about ‘I’d Rather Be Here’ and where the track came from?

I’d Rather Be Here is about someone who meant a lot to me but wasn’t necessarily good for my mental state. It just felt so negative and it was wearing me down.

It’s taken from your second EP which is due later this year, do you think it’s a good representation of the rest of the EP, or is it a bit of a mixed bag?

I think this is a good starting point to the story but it’s definitely a mixed bag.

You’re very invested in the visual side of things - where did your love of that come from? Is it something you’ve started to care more about as your music has grown, or does it link back to earlier influences?

I’ve always been a visual person. When I write, I can see visuals in my head. I just love being able to create these crazy worlds around my projects. It super fun to play around with a bunch of ideas and see what works.

Speaking of earlier influences, was there anything in particular that encouraged you to pursue a musical career?

I can’t think of a particular influence or person. I just always knew for some reason from a super young age that I wanted to make music. My mum can sing and play guitar, so I guess you could say she probably influenced my interest in music.

Going back to the visual side of things - you’re clearly very into fashion. If you were to soundtrack a fashion collection, which designer would you choose?

This is a difficult one. One of my favourite designers right now is Matthew Williams, I love ALYX & his work on the new Givenchy stuff. Also, it would be sick to soundtrack a Rick Owens collection.

You’re only 19! How are you finding balancing the turbulence of teenage life with the frenzy of a thriving musical career?

Taking it day by day. I have my ups and downs but really, we’re all just trying to figure out our place in the world, so I’m working on it.

What do you think you’d be doing right now had you not gone down the musical route?

I think I’d still be in a creative field like fashion, photography, directing.

Talk us through the Scottish music scene at the moment - any upcoming Scottish artists we should be keeping an eye on?

So many! I’m loving CHLOBOCOP & Lucia & The Best Boys at the moment.

EP aside - what’s next for you? Any exciting plans in the works?

I’m writing more music! I filmed my first official music video last week, so I can’t wait to put that out. Also, I’ve been rehearsing with my band, so hopefully some shows later in the year too!