Get to know... English Teacher

Joining the force of talent dropping singles as part of Nice Swan Records' 'Nice Swan Introduces' series, Leeds four-piece English Teacher and their new cut, 'R&B' are more than capable of taking the UK breakthrough scene by storm.

Fronted by Lily Fontaine of fellow Leeds risers Eades - the band's genre-spanning soundscapes and enigmatic lyrical play on important social topics make for truly captivating listening.

Hooked on 'R&B', we fired the band some questions to learn all about English Teacher and their plans for the return of the live scene.

Hello! Tell us a bit about English Teacher and how you began making music together?

Having met in 2018 at university in Leeds, we started playing together - gigging the songs that Lily demoed in her bedroom. After some name and line up changes, we became English Teacher, and we aren’t really sure what our genre is.

Your new single R&B has just landed, talk us through the inspiration behind the track?

R&B is about race related imposter syndrome whilst simultaneously being about how distracting dating life can be. Therefore, you imagine dating yourself to improve self-care.

It’s been released as part of Nice Swan’s ‘Nice Swan Introduces’ series amongst the likes of Courting & Opus Kink, how are you feeling about working with such a respected label?

I guess somewhat overwhelmed, but mainly stupidly excited. We feel very honoured to be part of something with so many talented and diverse bands - it’s exciting how willing the label is to take a chance on artists who aren’t a cookie cutter of what you’d expect from guitar music.

Would you say ‘R&B’ is a strong representative of what’s to come from you as a band, or have you got some surprises up your sleeves?

I’d probably say not at all, but that’s only because all of our songs sound completely different. R&B is probably the closest we get to punk - we deliberately avoided a vocal melody to reinforce the theme of the song. `But there’s one on it’s way with a cello solo and half-time phased guitar chorus.

Obviously, live shows have been off the cards for a while now, but you’ve got a few dates on the horizon. What can be expected from the English Teacher live show?

Exquisite outfits and accurate bass playing.

Did the time away from gigging give you any time to pick up some new skills/hobbies?

Douglas has started making cryptic morse code necklaces and making stuff out of clay which we hope will soon be good enough to pass off as merch. Keep your eyes peeled.

If you were to choose one film or series to represent English Teacher, which would it be?

Adult Swim’s Shivering Truth - which is actually referenced in R&B. It’s a surreal, stop-motion dark comedy and we shall recommend this programme until the day we die.

Any exciting plans in the works for the remainder of 2021?

Other than a fair bit of gigging (Covid dependent of course), we hope to get back in the studio very soon. Maybe make a few music videos? And get that debut album written.