Get to know... Felid

As he heads toward the release of a second EP, 'Knowing You, Part Two'; Bristol-based artist and producer Felid's soundscape of intricately layered electro-pop elements and warming piano-led melodies on new single 'To Forgive' is an enrapturing introduction to his cinematic world.

Entirely immersed by his evocative and intimate lyricism and ever-growing potential, we caught up with Felid to learn more about his musical career so far, favourite parts of the Bristol music scene and plans for later this year.

Hi! Tell us a bit about yourself and how you arrived at this point in your career?

Hello, thanks for having me! And sure. My name is Jay, aka Felid, and I'm a singer/songwriter/producer based in Bristol, UK. I've been making music for over 10 years in different capacities and under different collaborations, but just before the first lockdown I made the decision to step out and do something that I really wanted to, and create music that I was really excited about. Since then I've written, recorded, and produced 2 EP's (one of which was released at the start of 2021), and have plenty more on the way...

Was a career in music always on the cards for you, or did you have entirely different ideas as a kid?

I think there was a little moment when I was a kid that I thought I'd be an architect, but otherwise, no. It's always been music, ever since my mother first showed me a piano at a family friend's house when I was about 7 years old.

Your second EP is on the way - what can you tell us about it? How does it compare to your earlier work?

Well, I've been using this lockdown to really explore what this project is about. The problem with working on collaborations and other projects is that I've had all these ideas floating around in my head and no chance to get them out. So, some of my influence comes from contemporary folk music that I used to play during my teens, but I also love a lot of electronica and some more upbeat stuff within drum and bass, and future bass. So the plan has always been to create 4 EP's, all exploring these different styles, before I can move the project forward. So the first EP touched on some more electro-pop, house, and hip-hop groundings, but this EP explores the emotions and vulnerability that comes from that earlier folk music, and some of the more cinematic singer/songwriter stuff out there.

‘To Forgive’ is the new single taken from the EP - is it a good representation of what’s to come from you in the future?

I think there are going to be sonic pallets that I lean on consistently, and it was actually a big step for me to take this song, that I actually wrote years ago, and recreate it using those sounds and instruments that I've come to love. So, I guess there will always be similarities, and the rest of this EP definitely sits in a similar vein, but as I mentioned earlier there's a few more things for me to explore moving forward.

What’s been keeping you busy outside of music these past few months? Picked up any interesting skills/hobbies?

I'm late to the party, but I was forced into watching the US Office over lockdown and came to love it. I think I finished all 9 seasons in about 2 months. And I got real good at eating Ben and Jerry's...

How’s the music scene in Bristol these days? Any fellow West Country artists we should be keeping an eye on?

Hell yeah, Bristol has always been great but there's a few friends here that are doing amazing stuff: Slowe (who I think has just released their second single), Luke Marshal Black, Harvey Causon, George Glew, and many, many more from a range of other genres.

What would the ultimate no-budget-necessary Felid music video look like?

I've loved cinema and films my whole life, and I really appreciate a beautiful, emotive director. Films like 'Beginners', and 'Like Crazy' that capture normalcy and make it breathtaking. I think I'd love to create a music video that does that. Maybe something as simple as a house party, but showing the collective and good vibes all around, with some interesting techniques to emphasis whatever the music is doing underneath.

And EP aside, what’s on the cards for you in 2021?

It's going to be a busy year! I'm putting a band together to perform some of this stuff live, which I'm hoping to do a lot of. And then and I said there are two more EP's on the horizon, both of which are in different stages of writing and recording, etc. I'd love to have all four EP's out by the end of the year, and maybe get a song or two in some TV/films...